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You might have expected a chart or graph here, like you might find on a website for taxis or cabs in Lansing to give a measure of what your limousine or limo bus experience might cost, and we completely understand why you would want one, we'd love to provide you one. However, once we explain our pricing system... you'll understand the precise reason that we cannot publish pricing online in a reliable fashion. Mostly it would automatically raise the rates we charge. Many companies will simply put their highest price points on their website as their rates, meaning pricing that no matter the current market conditions they will be sure to turn a profit at the margin they need on your trip, so they set the numbers they use based off worst case scenarios, like fuel prices at their highest level, same with oil and all the other parts that keep the vehicles up and running. We would rather pass the savings to you whenever the market allows us, thus why we don't post pricing.

At our office, we do our utmost to insure that you're getting the very best price possible, on any given day. In order to accomplish this, we operate on a flexible pricing schedule which varies in concert with the rise and subsequent fall of our operating expenses. We could simply set our prices on the high end of the spectrum, and maximize our profits. But this would come at the expense of giving our valued clientele the best prices possible. We prefer to treat our clients well in all facets of our business, so whenever possible we reduce our rates in accordance with our costs. While we're saving money, you are too! We believe you would rather make a quick, helpful and friendly phone call to save money instead of paying much more for an online booking system. Not to mention those booking systems either require the company to pay for a 3rd party booking form or a full time highly skilled web developer, both increasing your rates even more. A call for a quote sounds better, right?


If you are on a budget, and need to save wherever possible, here are a few tips which can save you money if your plans are flexible with respect to the date you'd like services:

Avoid Friday and Saturday (our highest demand days), Even during the day on MSU Tailgate days

Avoid the rush of spring & fall wedding in addition to prom & homecoming seasons whenever possible

Avoid popular holidays like St. Patrick's and New Year's Eve

Book early, it opens up the amount of options available to you for the best deal possible.

Ask about package deals for Wedding transportation, we may be offering bundled services with Bachelor & Bachelorette and specials.

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While We do not publish pricing online, we are always available to answer your pricing questions. Simply call or send us an email and we'll get your question taken care of right away!


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